A Victorian Porch in Caledon

Build it once… For a Century. This porch will not rot like traditional porches did. Helical footings and prefinished materials will give it durability that few porches had…

gorgeous porch in Caledon

When you own a designated historic home, you want to get your porch addition right. 

When it comes to planning a porch for a committee to approve, you really need to invest in the right design. GardenStructure.com worked through the design over a period of months and the heritage commission loved what they came up with.  Our crew put it together and the finishing touches are happening now. 

To learn more about the design process please visit our sister site here.   

A Traditional Porch in Bolton

 Our builders prefinished all the materials and sealed all the end cuts. The marine ply was used for gingerbread to ensure long life, and plenty of western red cedar will help it age gracefully. Helical footings were specified and they are a joy to work with!

If you are looking for a deck or porch… please get in touch with Lawrence at 416 951 9998