Shade Canopy Pergola Design

An Architectural Pergola Design for a Patio

This patio and pergola replaced a deck in Niagara that was causing a leak into the basement. 

A 2 year old deck with lower grade than the patio surrounding had caused a leak into the basement. The truth was, a deck should never have been installed there. A patio with drainage, and a pergola for shade made so much more sense in this case. 

Sure, we build decks. Its the main part of our business, but, when it doesnt make sense, we will not design it that way. 

For a similar budget as a new pvc deck, we created this expansive and architecturally intricate pergola. The patios needed refreshing anyhow, so this was the perfect solution. 

Many of our projects are designed to be staged over a number of years as budget permits. Year one, the structure and patio. Later, they will install the canvas or aluminum canopies.