Deck Builders in Wasaga – Azek Swim Spa Deck

Another swim spa deck near Wasaga Beach — Our special PVC specification deck is designed to last 50 years. This one is all dressed up with wind walls and glass guard rails.

a swim spa deck in Wasaga - Deck Builders in Elmvale

This deck was built in Wasaga Beach and features wind walls, a privacy fence, and a swim spa. 

Located on a busy sideroad between Wasaga and Elmvale, these clients like their privacy. We created simple 3D designs to help them envision what it would look like and after a couple of revisions, we had a plan that they were pleased with. 

They needed a large reinforced slab for the swim spa, so luckily the client owns a backhoe we could use for excavating. 

This deck was built on helical footings and has our standard PVC package that features larger joists with short-span beams and joist and beam tape. The ends of beams, posts, and joists are sealed. This is how we increase the durability of pressure-treated wood for frames. 

Azek decking means long-term durability and a lifetime limited warranty on the decking. Glass Rails by Vista cost a little more, but, they are a substantial railing with excellent long-term durability. 

We included a wind wall on the deck. With the wind off Georgian Bay, it can feel like being in a wind tunnel. 

We pop into all of our previous projects from time to time. On one such visit to check on this project our client Shane mentioned that he had a carpenter install a prefab 3 season room on the deck. He said, “The carpenter took out his level and checked the deck…then turned to him and said — Who the Hell Built this?  I have never seen a deck this straight and level”. Shane seemed shocked–but pleased! 

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