A Patio Pergola

A Patio Pergola– Footings Not Required

This patio pergola is designed for relocation later if required. A farm north of Toronto wanted a space with southern exposure to be more interesting and tied in with the existing large overhang housing their outdoor kitchen. We created this structure to be self levelling and self bracing. 


 Pergola Design Near Toronto

This pergola design allows you to  just anchor to the existing patio. Large structural braces that you see near the top of the posts stops the pergola from moving around. The patio was well constructed and about 5 years old, so settling would be minimal. 

The posts were done to match the home and we added trim to all. The posts and braces were done in western red cedar, and the rafters were done in pressure treated to save on budget. The posts received solid white exterior stain and the rest was done in semi-transparent color to blend. 

The whole structure was designed to create rooms without walls. Dining room, entrance and hot tub area. 


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