A Balcony Deck in Barrie

Unique solutions to challenging builds! We are deck builders in Barrie Ontario specializing in unique decks.

  When you are looking for deck builders in Barrie it is difficult to determine which ones know their stuff, and those that are just faking it. Read on to learn a little about how we build and why. The following gallery has images so that you can see the difference for yourself. 

Photo 1 shows you the rendering of the home with the deck in the image. These are computer-generated, and, the first step towards building the perfect deck. 

Photo 2 is the finished deck at night with the lighting installed. Security and safety is important when you live in the city. There’s no place to hide when the entrance is lit up nicely. 

Photo 3 shows the frame. Since this deck straddles 2 garage doors and when driving a car in and out of a garage, bumps can happen we designed strong lateral bracing within the joists. This will allow the deck to stay square even if the frame gets bumped. 

Photo 4 shows the braced support frames. These are designed into this deck so that if a car backs into the supports for the deck it will resist far more force than a single 6×6 post. The footings are helicals and they had to go about 18′ deep to get proper support. I guess the whole subdivision was built on fill. 

The final 3 photos show our fit and finish. The Azek PVC decking is put down with cortex plugs, (concealed fasteners), and the Aluminum Rails by Vista have custom frosted glass panels. 

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