Orleans Decks Near Ottawa

A Transformation by Ottawa’s best Deck Builders

GardenStructure Ottawa — The best deck builders in Orleans designed this beautiful deck, no, not really. This is the below picture below. This is how a transformation starts. This is what our client in Orleans Ontario sent us in an email with a simple note. “Please HELP US!”.

Orleans before shots

The decks on this Ottawa home were not doing the house any favors. The existing rear deck wasnt level and was too small. The old style builders rails dated the whole space. This is actually the same handrail the building department recommends as a standard to this day. Vertical aluminum siding and the old windows made the home look much like an aging double wide trailer. 

The Deck Design Process

The only way to reallly reimagine the space after living in the home for 15 or so years is to render it in 3D photorealistic renderings. 

Here are the preliminary images for this Ottawa deck– The home with the old deck stripped, new patio slider installed into the dining room and the old aluminum siding repaired and primed. We advised to go with a slightly darker beige for the exterior siding… you will see that in the final shots. 

The Renderings start with a digitalization of the existing home and then conceptual designs so that the clients can visualize. The preliminary deck designs are always greyscale without finishes applied. 

What makes us Ottawa’s Best Deck Company?

We are Ottawa’s best deck company because most of all, we listen. We listen to your desires. We ask about what your tastes are. It’s only after we discover what you love that we start offering options. We are a deck company that is not afraid to ask the tough questions like, what budget range are you comfortable within?  Knowing this will help us design a deck that fits that budget. Speaking to us is free– Call us today.

The Results of Good Deck Design

Ottawa Deck Design Concepts that Triggered a Transformation