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30 years of development and experimentation have enabled our group of builders to far exceed the normal durability.

Designs from www.gardenstructure.com help our decks, cabanas and outdoor features stand out from the crowd!

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There is no great school for outdoor woodwork…

Trust us to design a masterpiece for you!

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Carpenters are a dying breed– so we are training more…

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We have been designing beautiful decks and back yard features for more than 30 years. It’s not just about how it looks–Making it last longer is also important.

You have seen our work on TV and in Magazines across North America for decades. Consider this your invitation to experience one of our stellar builds in person.


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Our Deck Builders sweat the little things…

Our Customers expect better. If a low budget was the most important thing to them, they would go to Kijiji or Craigslist to find a builder. There are numerous things that we do differently than most deck builders. To learn more about how we build, please click on the “Learn” Tab. With so many decking products available these days, each requiring different details to install, it requires a very knowledgeable builder to get good results. Designer’s Decks is GardenStructure.com’s deck building wing.

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We are Deck Design and Building Specialists

When a deck design has to be right we should be your first call.

Is space tight? Are you on display to the neighbors? Is this your dream home? We will create a functional space for you, your family, and friends.

The only complaint we get is that our friends don’t want to leave.

When it comes to details and methods for building decks, with 30 years of experience we make decks last longer.

Drop by your local building department, (or in current times, call them). Ask them why decks fall off houses. Listen to their reply. The fact is, they don’t know. We do. Ask our designers. We are one of those companies that drops in to see our projects every couple of years.

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Designs to make your neighbor’s envious, 5-year workmanship warranty, and lifetime warranty on materials. There are many reasons we are the best choice for decks in Toronto, GTA, and Barrie / Muskoka.

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