Spring 2022 – Is this The Best Time to Build your Dream Deck?

Building a deck in 2022– Here’s what to expect.

building decks in 2022


The primary dream decks issue in 2021 was getting help and the materials we wanted to get the job done. Though the basic wood materials were available, the prices remained elevated. Going forward not much has changed. 

“We are now booking May 2022– Get in touch for designs soon!”

Material Prices are heading up again– and it currently takes 2 months to put together a PVC Deck Package

Creating your Dream Deck Oasis at Home

For the past couple of years everyone has wanted to create their Dream Deck with an Oasis Landscape in the comfort of their own home.

This major nesting trend was in the midst of giving way to vacations in far off lands. Wanderlust was taking over, but, with one little announcement of a new variant, the pendulum has swung back.  If you were waiting for a break in demand and an associated price cut,  that is unlikely to happen. 

Even going out to a restaurant with friends feels like risky behavior. Considering what is going on, it is safer to host a party in the back yard. Open air and sunshine is far safer than indoor parties. 

Did you know that sunlight kills covid?  UV rays tear up the virus, and, Vitamin D, which is produced when sunlight hits our skin helps our outcome should we be exposed ot the virus. People who know this want to create their own safe party place in their own yard. 


Most Requested Deck Features from 2021

Maintenance Free Decking and Rails was the number 1 trend for 2021. With the increased cost of lumber throughout the year, the difference between PVC and Western Red Cedar was very small. For an extra 15% you could get a lifetime warranty PVC product by Azek. We had a 90% PVC decking / 10% Wood Decking split last year. 

PVC Decking


#2 Decks Designed for the Home

Most people call and ask what a 10×20 deck costs. Until I suggest designing something that fits the home and their needs. Most of the time a great deck design will get them a better space and we can design it all on a budget. Sure, when you want a dream deck and the budget is less important it’s custom design all the way.

deck designed with patio

By keeping the area of the deck a little tighter we were able to keep the budget tight. This was one of 3 designs we created and presented at their leisure on the computer during Covid. We prefer to explore options with our customers– and, if you look at our reviews you will see that is one of the things they appreciate. 

If people have a hard time picturing what the design will look like from a layout… We can do 3D photorealistic drawings. 

3D deck designs


#3 Shade Structures and Roofed Structures are hot lately.

Staying outdoors for gatherings is just smart all things considered. Shade structures are being worked into dream decks so that the party doesn’t get crashed by rain. We can’t travel, and restaurants are perilous… but, the party can go on if you have your own venue in your yard. 

A dream deck with roofed space

#4 Outdoor Kitchens 

Dream decks all need an outdoor kitchen with a roof and fridge! Lets go all out and add a pizza oven!

Dream Decks with outdoor kitchen

#5 Swim Spa’s — 

About half the dream decks we design have a swim spa worked in. Even if they don’t install it right away, they can drop it in later. For about 30k you can add a self contained swim spa into your deck. An in ground pool is always going to start about 50k. 

Swim Spa in Decks