Just Because it’s Small –A Small Composite Deck in Toronto

small deck Toronto

This yard utilizes every inch–Patios, gardens, and this small composite deck. Not only does it have a clean look and a composite privacy screen to keep the wind out of the barbecue, but, it is also waterproof below. The patio beneath is sheltered and dry. 

Just like any other deck, planning is important.  When space is tight, we suggest it is even more important. Every inch matters. 

This little gem is in the Rosedale area of Toronto. The homeowner chose PVC decking for durability and asked if the privacy screen could be made of the same materials. That turned out great. Working with composite or PVC is more difficult for privacy screens and fencing, so, expect a bigger budget. 

We worked in waterproofing and lights to add to the look and functionality. Waterproofing is a membrane type, but there are other ways with different appearances and looks. We prefer the membrane type since it can be finished below and house lights or even fans from within. 

Glass in aluminum railings makes this small deck feel larger and helps the view from the deck. 

If you are planning a deck this year in Toronto — Please get in touch!

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