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Looking for the Best Deck Builders in Halton Region?

There are hundreds of deck builders in Hamilton and Burlington. How can you tell which ones know what they are doing or not?  If you are a carpenter or a deck builder, it’s easy! When you are not a tradesperson, it is much more difficult. Look at photos of their work. Does there look to be guard rails missing?  Do the decks look flat?  (sometimes you can see flaws right there in the photos they show off).

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We have been building decks, pergolas and cabanas  in Burlington and Hamilton for about 30 years now. 

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Your Local Burlington Deck Builders

Everyone wants to deal with local deck builders, and the core of our team grew up in Burlington. Lawrence, our principal designer attended  Lord Elgin High School in Burlington. We have local deck builders that have been with us since 2011.  He built decks in the Burlington and Hamilton area for the first 20 years of the company. Today he spends more time with customers and overseeing projects than actually building–but he does jump in to help out with more complex deck building projects. 

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Identifying Better Deck Builders in Hamilton

A number of deck builders (Larger ones) are marketing and selling untested new brands of composite and pvc decking in the Halton Region. They do this because they are able to buy these products cheap and market them as premium products. These companies have large shiny showrooms and often drive Cadillacs. They splash money around– your money. They sell you cheap Chinese decking and railing products at a premium price and laugh all the way to the bank. 

Often these builders emply sub contractors that are paid a pittance. They have to get the job done fast and only get paid once you do. They have to gloss over details and build to minimum specifications. Any extras are charged hard– so please, be cautious. 

Better Hamilton deck builders will help you understand more about decks. They won’t pressure you to buy right now. Real deck builders will not likely show up in a suit. A respectable builder may have a nice pickup–but they won’t likely have a nicer car than you. 

Don’t fall for high pressure sales tactics. If it smells bad– walk away.