Builders of Decks and Cabanas in Niagara

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Builders of decks in Niagara, pergola designers, and cabana company, is the source of beautiful outdoor structures. 

Better Designs – Better Decks

Inspired decks and pergolas start with a great design. We often model our structures in 3D prior to building. It is far more efficient to build it on the computer to scale in order to tweak the design to perfection. Changes are far less costly when you create a rendering. You can see the light as it casts through the pergola. You can see the play between decks and the home. Shade cast by pavilions and cabanas is easy to envision with a rendering. 

3D decks renderings designs

More Knowledge =  Better Deck Builders

Where do deck builders go to gain more knowledge? Did you know that there is no Deck Builders School? Landscape Architects get about 2-3 weeks of training on outdoor structures, and the curriculum teaching them the rules is quite dated. Better deck details are a work in progress and the knowledge is just not condensed in any book or guide just yet. 

Landscape Designers and Architects get minimal guidance in school also. Most deck builders, even the larger ones invest very little in training. The thought is that they would be training their competition if they taught their people everything they know. This is just part of the trades, unfortunately. The trend of late is for deck builders to train certain people on certain skills— specialization leads to efficiency and more profit right? However, when you stretch these specialists with limited knowledge you get costly errors. 

See some of our Decks in Niagara Falls:

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