Barrie Deck Builders

Barrie Deck Builders

“Designer’s Decks” are your best solution for Barrie Deck Builders. We work have been building decks in the Midhurst and Barrie Area for over 30 years.

The Quality you want from a Deck Company

We are a deck and outdoor structure design company first, and a deck company second.  We believe that in order to create beautiful and long-lasting decks, the design has to be inspired, and the details need to be long-lasting. You can learn more about decks in our knowledge base. Click learn above. 

We design clearly scaled drawings and often drop the furniture into the layout and 3D designs so that you can be sure that you and your furniture will fit within what we design. 

We design to last 30+ years, while most decks are designed to last only 10 years or so. Modern deck materials should last much longer what would be the point of a frame that will not last? Our frames and stairs are designed differently to achieve a 30-40 year lifetime. We often use steel or aluminum, or a waterproof membrane in order to extend that useful lifetime further. 

Hiring a Deck Builder in Barrie

In the Barrie area, there are a few deck builders, however, what they produce can range from pallets to furniture. Here’s a hint. The better builders are going to charge for designs. The best deck company will never be the lowest price. The majority of builders advertise on Kijiji or buy ads. These days starting a deck company and getting leads is easy. In order to differentiate themselves,  people “Find Us”. We don’t often advertise for leads. Alternatively, we couldn’t possibly serve all our potential clients if we did advertise.

Anybody can build a deck right? 

Some decks are built by experienced builders with a background in carpentry, while others are built by self-taught handymen who have never worked with a carpenter before. Watch our blog for examples.  When you see a deck that isn’t flat or looks askew, or the boards are pushing the trim off it indicates a lack of training.  When you shake the rail and it seems loose, or, the stairs move beneath your feet you may want to seek out a better builder. You should probably go and see a deck that your contractor actually built.

The design makes the difference

We do 2D and 3D drawings when we design a deck for you in Barrie. Our design office is located in Elmvale, just north of Barrie. 

Our 3D drawings look more like a photo of the finished product. 

Sample 3D Rendering of a deck design

We believe that the design of a deck, pergola or any structure in your yard really matters!

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Deck and Pergola Designers

Our deck and pergola designers have learned to design by building first. Since building decks and pergolas with modern materials is a brand-new trade you need an expert designer. PVC and Aluminum decks have only been around for a dozen or so years, therefore there is no training course. Since composite materials are not structural, wood or metal needs to be paired with them for strength. It takes an experienced designer to make that work.

When we design a deck or pergola they are normally designed to be twice as strong as the code requires. You have to keep in mind that as things rot, you lose strength. We use other products to prevent rot as well. Architects and designers are often unaware of these principles and product availability.